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Active Learning

Gardening takes pride of the experiential activities it has to offer, which all equals to ‘ACTIVE LEARNING’. What we really focus on is the ‘ACTIVE’ in active learning. Learning actively allows students to interact with the natural elements and incorporate their senses into whatever they learn, from touch, sight, smell and hearing, which all converge to form a greater input of information.


Gardening itself opens doorways to a diversity of moral values and fields such as discipline, natural and social sciences, math, language arts as well as visual arts. On top of that, gardening requires the kids to make full use of their senses and bodies so that they learn actively.

Lifelong Healthy Habits

With children’s nutrition influenced by fast food and junk food industries, school gardening offers children opportunities for outdoor exercise while teaching them a useful skill. Gardens containing fruit and vegetables can also help to revise attitudes about particular foods. Students are more likely to try eating vegetables they have grown themselves and to ask for them at home. When students take their preferences back to their families, they can help to improve family consumption choices.

Ready to expand your health coaching business?

Hi, I’m Gale!

I am a 54 year old mom, blessed with three wonderful children, one boy in grammar school, one boy in middle school and a daughter who works and lives in London.

I believe school gardens can play a crucial role in creating a holistic, engaging, educational atmosphere for today’s youth: one that encourages hands-on experiences, healthy eating, and curiosity about the natural world.

I have been able to flesh out a program that I can share with so many Health Coaches around the nation so that we can grow the cause and start something so special, deploying the same approach and method in their respective communities.

​Before I met Gale, I struggled with my goal to lose 10 pounds. I knew that I needed to change my diet, but that’s easier said than done. She explained to me that this is not a process that happens over night, but it wasn’t long before I noticed positive changes in my food and beverage choice. Things that I didn’t take even into account such as my sleep cycle also improved. She really educated me about my wellness instead of just taking action, which helps me maintain it to this day.

I recommend Gale’s program to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and lifestyle. She is a wonderful coach and mentor. She works with you, at your pace, to show you how small changes can make a big difference in your lifestyle. I am very grateful to have met Coach Gale. She is truly an inspiration and has motivated me to make changes I never thought I could.


When I first met Gale, I was nervous about laying it all out…what I typically ate in a day to how much I weighed. But I knew going into it that I had to be honest in order for her to help me. I had to be honest for myself. The process has been slow…and I have to add that it’s exactly how I need it to go. This isn’t about a quick fix…we’re making lifestyle changes. She works with me on my terms, at the pace I need. I can’t say enough great things about Gale!

I would recommend my coach to  anyone looking to make real changes, but you have to be truly open to making changes. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I am far less stressed and frustrated when it comes to preparing meals.  I love planning out some dinner options for the week and coming home know I have a direction for dinner.

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